Testimonials for King Frog Book

“I am a long time Camp Programmer. Every camp who works with kids of any age and who is looking for group games and a variety of ways to play them, please check out this book and website. This is an AWESOME resource that all of you should have at camp, in the class room, home, anywhere. CHECK IT OUT!! We use it all the time, it is a fun resource. A professor I had in College wrote and compiled all the games. He is one of the experts in my eyes on the topic of PLAY!

Andrea K. Galioto-Evans, Program Director – Cherio Adventures, North Carolina

I teach at a rural university in Mississippi which focuses on education. The KING FROG Group Games Book has been an extraordinary resource for my students, my teaching, and for leaders of an Outdoor Recreation Kids Camp in the summer. Every professional who works in the physical education, recreation, or outdoor education realm should own a resource like this: teachers, camp staff, after school programs, elementary education teachers, physical educators and the list goes on. There is a wide assortment of activities that involve cooperation and competition as well as challenging games for all ages. Need a game of tag, a relay, a name game, a guessing game, team building, or a problem solving activity…. then this book is for you.
Todd Davis, CPRP | Delta State University | Recreation Leadership

“Just wanted to say thanks for a great book on behalf of my husband and his participants. He needed some games for a youth activity the other night, read through three different tag games and was all set.
He really enjoyed the table of contents, so he knew at a glance which games were tag and didn't require any supplies. After reading through the directions once for each game, he felt confident that he could lead them effectively. Your consistent game matrix for all of the 100 games makes being a leader a joy and the payback is that the kids love to play even more.
Thanks for the great ideas and the hard work. I’ll definitely recommend this to my friends.”
Anonymous , A more than satisfied mom in Illinois