Testimonials for the Physical Education Curriculum

“I am the PE teacher at the school where the “Group Games” unit was piloted. I have been teaching elementary PE 24 years and can honestly tell you that I have never observed my students participate with more energy, enthusiasm and exuberance. This program gets the kids moving, thinking and having fun. Thirty-five group games were played in nine days. In addition, the INSTRUCTOR WORKBOOK is like a cookbook that comes complete with daily lesson plans, pocket notes, homework assignments, and a final exam. The unit is designed for 5th grade through 8th grade, there are so many new ideas that can be used with other grades. I’m sold and I’m sure you will be too”.
Rick Markley (M.S.), K-5 Elementary Physical Education Specialist Russell Elementary School Moscow, Idaho.

“Hey everyone who works with fifth through eighth grade physical education students and who is looking for new, innovative ideas for their programs. Please check out this ten hour unit and website. This is an AWESOME resource that all of you should have at your school and in your program. It meets most National Standards (NASPE). CHECK IT OUT!! It is a fun resource that gets the students active and moving.”

In addition, there are many, many games that also appeal to the high school student. I have incorporated them as team building activities and have seen high interest. The students now come to class and ask immediately what new games they will be playing today?”

Amy Fisher (M.S.), Physical Education and Recreation, Idaho.

“We played group games in P.E. class every day for a couple of weeks. We played tag and relay games. We played with balloons, airplanes, music and rope. We ran, jumped, screamed, laughed and had lots of fun. One of the best parts was talking about the games when our teacher asked us for ideas to make the games more fun. He listened. Even the homework was easy. I hope we get to play more games next year.”

Anonymous, 5th Grade Student from Russell Elementary at completion of Group Games Unit