What's Included in the Middle School Group Games Physical Education Curriculum

The Group Games instructional curriculum is organized into four broad sections, which are:

1.KING FROG – 100 of the Very Best Group Games - This includes all necessary resource materials including games descriptions, matrix explanation, key terminology, effective leading techniques, It power reasoning, methods to select teams, guidelines for processing activity and more.

2.Instructor/Leader Workbook- Includes complete lesson plans for a ten day (50 minutes per day) unit with page number reference to the King Frog Book, time frames, equipment needs, progression or activity and desired outcomes for the learner. Also included are possible discussion and processing questions as well as student homework assignments. In addition, there are alternative activities to meet the concerns of equipment or the age levels of the players.

3. Day-to-Day Pocket Notes- The Pocket Notes are a quick and sequential guide with time frames for the instructor to place in his/her pocket during the course of a day's activity. It briefly mirrors the Workbook material.

4. Participant Assignments- An eight page assignment package. It includes all pertinent information on topics that are discussed in class and questions for each sub section. The material and homework compliment the activity and provide crucial feedback and assessment of student understanding of the unit material. Also included is a 20 question test to help assess student learning.

NOTE: The sequence of group games, instruction and student assignments have been piloted and have been proven successful. They meet most National Standards. Each instructor and school system, however, will have the opportunity to implement the unit in a method that works best for them. Variables that may change this unit program are many (class time frames, how much time is spent playing each game, time set for instruction, etc). Most important is to get the students moving and learning and having fun. Please Note: The instructor/leader must possess the KING FROG – 100 of the Very Best Group Games book.