Why Own This Book

If you ever wanted to own just one book…..one game book…. this is it! Inside you will find the 100 very best group games ever played along with key terminology, play statements, effective teaching techniques, It Power guidelines, methods to select teams, learning theory, guidelines for processing the games, tournament information, and a creative game matrix with nearly 3,000,000 different combinations of games.

This book is much more than 100 established games. Many of the group games are original and all of the games include the author's unique perspective. Every game in this book has been played and re-played, analyzed and tweaked and written from the heart by an author who loves to have fun, laugh and to see others caught up in the enjoyment of play.

Games can be used for many, many purposes. So why not be realistic and include tag, guessing, competitive, collective score, team building, problem solving, relay and name games? Why not let the leaders and the people who buy the book decide how they will use the material? The appendices and all of the support material make leading these games much easier and more fun for all involved.